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I sometimes get asked where to buy tools and machinery, so I figured I'd just create a list of those suppliers I've bought from and been pleased with, and also those I've had positive dealings with through 'WOmadeOD' (usually in the form of donations for competitions, or help spreading the WOmadeOD word.

Obviously I can't guarantee you'll be pleased with them, but hopefully my experiences are representative.

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Suppliers I've Bought From Directly
Axminster Tool & Machinery
Classic Hand Tools
Tool Nut
Tool Station
Workshop Heaven 

Other Positive Experiences With
Bambi Air Compressors*
Chestnut Products*
Footprint Tools*
Garret Wade
Hock Tools*
Joseph Marples*
Lee Cooper*
Lee Valley
Trend (Routing Technology)*

( * I own and use tools from these, but have just not bought direct.)

If I've dealt with you, but missed you out, please get in touch and remind me. You may deserve to be listed.

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