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  1. Hi Mitch-

    I have an old Stanley #5 that seems to have a very loose connection between the adjuster knob and the chip breaker. About 3 turns to get past the backlash, and so little movement that it's nearly impossible to get to a zero thickness shaving. I think it's the wedge shaped piece of metal that seats into the chip breaker. Do you know of any fix other than hunting down a replacement part? Thanks!

    1. I have known that to be a problem, so you could well be right. One workaround is to narrow the chip breaker slot by folding a thin piece of sheet steel (cut from a tin can would be easy) either across the top or bottom of the slot, into a ‘U’ shape. This would at least prove whether the worn finger was the problem.

      Hope that helps

  2. Hey Mitch. First of all thanks for your great video tutorial on refurbishing the #4 Stanley. Now the question, is there any easy way to get the cap lock leaver out of the cap? I think there might be rust in that area but of course I can't get to it as it is.

    1. Simply put, no. You would need to drive the pin out, which will mar the pin.
      Perhaps you can push some fine emery paper round the back?
      I restore to working condition rather than showroom condition, so have never had to remove this lever, just applying some light oil to free it up sometimes.

  3. hi Mitch
    i like to do woodworking by my own hand tools but i discover that was be Impossible with the natural hard wood for example when i want to flat a withe maple hard wood piece 120 cm x 60 cm and 3 cm thick i take very long time to do the process to flat just the surface area and i still have to do the edges and the bottom of the wood piece i discover the woodworking work with hand tools is difficult to deal with it so i have to buy an electric jointer and also an electric planer with a big table saw that will cost me more money to buy Especially in my country they sell in them our shops just a power woodworking tools for the factory application i was disappointed i don't know what can i do for my favored hobby , i need your advice's to keep my the woodworking is my best hobby .

    1. The more you do, the faster you will get. I suggest you equip yourself with a jack plane: With a well cambered blade - this can be used like a scrub plane for fast removal of wood across the grain, helping you establish close to flat. Then switch to a lightly cambered blade to smooth up the surface. Also, rip and cross cut saws, which will make your sawing efficient. Learn to saw to the line, and that will reduce the clean up planing you need to do. Keep all your blades razor sharp, which will make all cutting easier and faster.
      Make friends with someone who has a powered workshop. They will most likely rent you time on the machines when they are not in use.
      Get together with other people in your situation, and see if you can each buy one machine to share with the others.
      If none of those are possible, scale back your projects to items which you can more easily manage - there's no reason to give up the hobby.
      Good luck, and happy woodworking


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